Little Riser

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to our blog.  I’m Jennifer and this is my Little Riser Elijah. I’ve always had a love of writing and motherhood has been the best experience so it only felt natural to document it. I promise to be honest with you and with myself as we navigate this together.

Little Riser came to me because of my greatest muse Elijah. I want nothing more than to instill in my child than to RISE in love, RISE in confidence, RISE in patience and so much more.

Rising is an intentional act. You don’t just roll out of bed you RISE with purpose. We all know that children definitely seem to rise with purpose. Whether that purpose is to destroy our homes and everything in sight or to show us the kind of love that makes us question life depends on the day or even the second.

One of the best parts of motherhood is that Elijah gave me the passion to RISE. Nothing has changed me as much as motherhood has in the past five years.  I don’t claim to be a mothering expert and many times I feel like I fail. There for me in lies the beauty each day I can RISE and do better and be better.

I am so very excited that YOU are here and I hope you enjoy every second!  So thank you for stopping by and please RISE…. and possibly fall a few times with us just so we all can RISE again together.


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