Birthing Center Checklist


               Bag’s packed and I’m ready to go!!!

This time around Bo and I decided to birth this baby at a birthing center instead of a hospital.  We choose this route for a number of reasons.  The main reason being that we wanted a more controlled birth experience. My first birth experience wasn’t ideal but we can talk about that later. After some prayer and research we decided to take the plunge.

As I start nesting I realized that packing for a hospital and birthing center are a little different. At a birth center you have more options in terms of what you can do during your stay. The birthing center is super cozy and I definitely want to bring a few things so that my little family and I feel like we are at home.  All the things on my list are just simple things that will keep baby and myself comfortable. You also don’t stay at the birthing center for very long after giving birth  so no need for excess.

Here’s what’s in my bag!


Outfits for baby! This goes without saying. I am going to pack a couple of long sleeve onesies and one super cozy outfit to take baby home in. This brand  Love’dbaby has amazing organic cotton onesies. We want to be surprised with the gender of our baby so we are going to go with some neutral colors. I personally prefer more neutral colors anyway so this worked out perfect.


Receiving/Swaddling Blankets Baby will need at least 2 to 3 blankets to be swaddled in.  I plan on bringing the same ones that were used for Elijah for right when baby comes out and a couple of really soft ones to swaddle baby in. I just realized I have to relearn how to do that!  I love Little Unicorn and how soft these ones are. Their Deluxe Muslin feels amazing!


Sports Bra and Nursing Bra for possible water birth. The room we will most likely give birth in has a tub for water birthing. I am not sure whether in the moment I will want the sports bra or not but making sure I have something comfortable is important just in case. I got mine from Target. I just wanted something dark and simple.



Clothing  I won’t be staying at the birthing center for more than 6 hours after birth but in the mean time I will be able to bond with my new bundle of joy, breastfeed, eat and get a little rest. A nightgown, some comfy socks, a nursing bra and undies should suffice. There is also shower in the room. I plan on bringing travel size toiletries just in case I want to rinse off before I head home.


Coconut Water/Snacks  One of the things that’s great about a birthing center is I can eat during labor! Trust me I like to eat. Also since we are aiming for a natural birth it’s important to keep my energy up.  Some snacks I plan on bringing are nuts, string cheese, honey sticks and a few of these Perfect Foods Bars. They are my absolute favorite! Also it’s really important to stay hydrated and have electrolytes during labor so making sure I pack Coconut water is key. Our birthing center has a fantastic kitchen but there will be no cafeteria/vending machine like a hospital for Bo to go run and get snacks from. These two have been my go to snacks for this labor. Coconut water was my life saver with heartburn at 2am and the Perfect Foods Bar helped me curb nausea between breakfast and lunch.


Diffuser Oils/Rice Pack I LOVE my essential oils and I definitely plan on incorporating them in my labor.  I’ve even made a little list for myself and Bo just so we don’t forget. Here are some great oils for labor. Lavender, Frankincense, Clary Sage & Peppermint. Young Living has a few blends like Panaway ( for back pain) and Gentle Baby (which I can diffuse after I give birth for baby and myself)  Also I planned on making a rice heating pack for some back labor discomfort but Bo’s grandma actually had some that she had made on hand. I love the idea that she can kind of be a apart of our birth. Make sure with oils that you are using therapeutic grade oils. I personally use Young Living and DoTerra


 Technology  We definitely will want lots of pics of the baby and a few of the birth so a camera and cell phone are important. Also I made a labor playlist of my favorite calming tunes. All the rooms have speakers so I just need my phone.  Who knows I may not want any noise at all besides the sound of myself screaming baby out but it’s always better to be prepared right?! Check out my labor playlist below!

That is pretty much all I put in my bag, just some essentials for baby and me.  What did you pack for your labor? Also if you have any labor playlist suggestions drop me a line below~

Here are some behind the scenes photos. Elijah insisted that I take pics of him

What did you pack for your labor? Also if you have any labor playlist suggestions drop them below!


One of the things I try to instill into Elijah is the importance of having a servant’s heart. In a world of so many things being thrown at us constantly it’s sometimes hard for us let alone children to stop and think of others.

Elijah just turned 5 and I felt it was a great opportunity to take our actions to the next level. For his birthday party we asked in lieu of gifts for Elijah to bring an unwrapped gift for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

I have mentioned to people in the past that I have wanted to do this and it was always met with opposition. People said things like “ You can’t force people to give,” or “but I want to give him something.” I have even heard things like “Why would you force that on a child?” Trust me we are not depriving our child. If anything we are giving him something much more than material things.

I don’t know about your kids but Elijah literally plays with the same 5 things over and over. Also I don’t think many realize how much more impactful this will be on him in the long run. This is a HUGE gift to give Elijah, something that will not be fleeting or thrown away one day. He will remember the importance of giving and that is something you can’t put a value on. Even science is on the side of giving. Pleasure chemicals are released from our brain when we give! We all know how great it feels when we give why not share that with our kids!

It’s amazing when you do the right thing how things line up. One of my friends Jasmine came to me at Elijah’s party and told me that her son had spent a lot of time in the hospital last year and that picking out a toy to play with made things a lot better for him. I had no idea about this before she told me. Whether we got 1 toy or 10 toys it really drove home that we had made the right decision for our family.


                                Here are some other ways you can teach your little one about servant hood and giving.

Get one Give one: Who doesn’t love to get rid of things. We started off with this in our household. Whenever Elijah would get a new gift or toy he would have to pick something to donate. Trust me it wasn’t easy at first but now it is so easy and sometimes he just wants to get rid of things he doesn’t use on his own when we clean his room.

Find a cause that your kid likes. If your kid is into the outdoors maybe take him or her somewhere where they can plant trees or help out. If they love animals taking them to the local animal shelter is also a great option. Have a kid that loves to make things have them make cards to cheer up the elderly. Focusing on what your child interests makes it fun after all giving should always be fun and come from the heart!

Having open conversation & be an example. Kids are normally selfish beings and that’s totally normal! From the moment they are born their needs are met without them having to do much asking. It’s completely up to us as parents to have conversations about the world around us. Kids are also very sensitive so obviously tailor the conversation to what you feel your child can handle. Sometimes when I give to a homeless person Elijah gets confused and asks “ But why did you give him your soup? You wanted that soup?” I have explained to him that there are a lot of people that don’t have some of the things we have, then he understood. You can start the conversation first about doing things for others around the house to show love, and then take it a step further about reaching out to people outside of the home.

Ask for donations for their birthday. We choose the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles for our donations because I felt it fit our family the best. A lot of charities and or hospitals have wishlists via Amazon or on their personal websites.  Elijah was born with a congenital heart defect but has never spent any time in the hospital, and with February being heart month it just made sense. Another great charity is Communi Gift where you get a birthday buddy with a birthday wish list. Your birthday guests can buy gifts for your birthday buddy.

Overall Elijah had a great birthday! My big boy is 5!!! He had a blast with friends and family at THE COOP and of course he got a couple of gifts from family members. Here are some more pics from Elijah’s birthday 



What are some ways you instill giving with your family? Drop us a line below!

Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms                                                                                                    1 Peter 4:10